Diversity & Inclusion Policy


1. The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion:

The Projects Team Limited (TPTL) is committed to the enhancement of diversity within our business with the aim of creating an environment of greater mutual inspiration, understanding, and respect among employees with different attributes and backgrounds, such as nationality, gender, and culture. In compliance with relevant legislation UK & EU relating to Employment and Equal Employment Opportunities, TPTL is focused on a work environment which promotes the hiring, career development, and appointment to management positions of women as well as people with disabilities. Also, in order to meet the talent needs of our global businesses, TPTL is the hiring, career development, and appointment of employees & service contractors from diverse nationalities and cultures.

In line with other progressive global firms, TPTL recognises the advantages of harnessing this diversity and leveraging the capabilities of a more diverse workforce by creating a truly inclusive environment. It is also recognised that increased inclusion benefits not only the particular company in question but also the economies and communities where that company is represented. 

Like other global companies, TPTL strategically incorporates talent diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives in our business strategy, in order to build and sustain competitive advantage and enhance corporate value. Moreover, external stakeholders are increasingly making corporate investment decisions based on non-financial information such as regarding a company’s HR strategy, in particular the degree to which a company successfully promotes D&I initiatives. 

Therefore, TPTL applies a continuous improvement policy which drives the business to adapt to the ever-changing business environment, and to realise sustainable growth, we recognise that TPTL must go beyond simply promoting diversity. We need to be progressive in the implementation of our D&I initiatives and actively engage with our employees and service contractors by leveraging their diverse perspectives, thinking, and values.​​


2. TPTL's D&I Strategy:


By proactively incorporating the diverse perspectives and thinking of our workforce into day-to-day operations and decision-making, TPTL aims to: 

  1. Create corporate value as employees continually develop innovative products and transform service and operational processes, both key to remaining competitive in our industry and in this fast-paced business environment; 

  2. Continuously increase employees and service contractors engagement by creating an environment full of opportunities, where all employees and service contractors can participate more actively and exercise their abilities to their maximum potential by focusing on their own strengths so that they can continually contribute to the organisation and experience personal growth while feeling motivated and proud to be working at TPTL; and 

  3. Create a corporate culture in which all employees and service contractors can always take on new challenges without fear of failure, by promoting increased inclusion and connectivity among colleagues on a global basis and creating a work environment free from unnecessary restrictions and barriers and built on a strong sense of caring, trust, and respect, across nationality, gender, and culture, etc. 


To achieve these aims, we hereby clearly state our commitment to employees and our service contractor’s engagement, and to the implementation of the various D&I initiatives on a global basis. 

Create a work environment that enables employees & our service contractors to achieve flexible work arrangements including remote working.

TPTL will hire qualified individuals based on skill, aptitude, experience and suitability for the vacancy and, regardless of nationality, gender, culture or disability, and we will ensure that our workplaces allow all employees to work comfortably and provide opportunities for all employees with a disability to enjoy long and fulfilling careers at TPTL depends on their individual situation. 

TPTL will maintain an organisational framework to recognise and reward employees who provide support for colleagues who need to work more flexibly to balance their work with childcare or care for other family members. 


This policy will be reviewed annually and communicated to all persons working for, or on behalf of The Projects Team Limited, and a copy will be maintained on our website for public access.