Modern Slavery and

Human Trafficking


The Management of The Projects Team Ltd (TPTL).,  have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery, and are fully committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our operation and supply chain. We have taken steps to tackle modern slavery as outlined in our policy. This policy sets out the actions that we have taken to understand all potential modern slavery risks related to our business, and to implement steps to prevent slavery and human trafficking. 

This will be achieved by means of providing a framework for monitoring the effectiveness and suitability of suppliers/clients. We establish a relationship of trust and integrity with all our suppliers/clients, which is built upon mutually agreed values. Our supplier/client selection includes due diligence of the supplier/client’s reputation, respect for the law, compliance with health, safety and environmental standards, and their company policies and procedures.

Whilst selecting suppliers/clients the Company will risk assess each supplier/client and use due diligence within our selection process. This is will include: 

  • The Risk profile of individual countries based on the Global slavery index 

  • The business services delivered by suppliers/clients

  • The presence of vulnerable demographic groups


This policy is made known to all employees through the company’s induction programme, and contractors by individual distribution, and prominent display on the company’s notice boards and emphasised during internal training programmes.