Client Project Delivery Team

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The implementation and delivery of Industrial Projects are typically achieved by a team of people (Engineering Contractors Team) for a team of people (Client Project Delivery Team). While there is a suite of tools, technologies and techniques that are utilised and applied through the full lifecycle of any industrial project, it’s the teams’ make-up that really makes or breaks projects, e.g. Competence, participation, perception, risk allocation and scope maturity and accuracy of the project and its deliverables. As such, the determination of all projects is ultimately defined by the primary beneficiaries of the project’s outcome(s).

At The Projects Team, it is our view that it’s critical for all industrial projects to have a strong Client Project Delivery Team in place. Which will utilise, manage and deliver the Industrial Project on behalf of the client in-compliance with proven project standards, procedures, processes, governance, Front-End Loading (FEL), stage-gate methodology and application of all relevant lessons learned at each stage of project implementation and delivery.

Some typical Client Project Delivery Team critical deliverables include:

  • Business Statement of Requirements (BSoR)

  • Statement of Requirements (SoR)

  • Project Execution Plan (PEP)

  • Lessons Learnt reviews and adoption of all relevant learning as well as clear justification if not applying

  • Risk & Opportunities Reviews and the correct application of all mitigations and opportunities through the project lifecycle

  • Governance & management Strategy

  • Health, Safety, Security & Enviroment (HSSE) Plan

  • Project Controls Plan

  • Industrial Relation (IR) & Local Community Interface (LCI) Strategy

  • Procurement Selection & Contracting Strategy

  • Relationship & Interface Management Plan

Note: the above only highlights key deliverables!

It is also critical to note that Client Delivery Teams especially Project Directors & Managers on the Client/customers side, play a vital part in the delivery and have distinct responsibilities, accountabilities and competencies which are only attained through experience from implementing and delivering CapEx & OpEx projects through their full life as the Client Project Director or Manager. Due to this, typically Project Directors & Managers that only have experience delivering projects for the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contractors do not tend to make good Client team Project Directors & Managers and vice versa.

The overall success or failure of any industrial project is highly dependent upon overall scope definition, frozen scope, maturity and accuracy of the Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) study deliverables. Which includes accuracy of cost estimates at Final Investment Decision (FID), careful planning, change management, applied project governance and the talent within the client project delivery team. However, it is also critical to implement and deliver as an integrated project delivery team; thus, to achieve, there is a need for a functional interface management plan.

At the onset of any industrial project, it is critical to engage a Client Project Delivery Team and apply a proven governance and assurance methodology. Such as TPT’s proven bespoke service, which mitigates or eliminates risk and the possibility for the project to experience challenges in concept screening, detailed design, procurement, construction & commissioning, thus reducing the overall likelihood of cost and schedule overruns, which are demonstrably much more likely to occur on projects without the correct level of Client team oversight and assurance.

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